WereWolf Party & Lunch! 狼人杀

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Date(s) - 18/11/2018
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


The title speaks of all!

Who Did You Kill Last Night?

Yup that’s right, If you have yet to try out this interactive group games, do join us in this event

The Werewolf game (狼人杀 in Chinese) has seen immense popularity in China in the past few years, proliferating online via game apps and live streaming platforms, as well as offline through social gatherings and schools.

For the uninitiated, the Werewolf game is based on the The Werewolves of Millers Hollow boardgame, in turn an adaptation of Mafia, a classic Russian party game. In the Werewolf game, each player is assigned a role that belongs to either of the two camps: the Werewolves or the Villagers, the latter including ordinary townsfolk and special characters such as Fortune Teller, Hunter, Witch, etc.

The game commences with the first night where all players close their eyes. A moderator calls for the Werewolves to open eyes and choose a target to kill. After this is done, the Werewolves close their eyes. The moderator then calls for the special characters to carry out their respective responsibilities. During the day, everyone ‘wakes up’, and the victim is revealed and put out of the game. Surviving players then discuss and vote for a player whom they suspect is a Werewolf. The player who receives the most votes is ‘lynched’ and the game goes into night-time again. The game continues alternating between night and day until all the Werewolves have been eliminated (a win for the Villagers) or when there are an equal number of Werewolves and Villagers (a win for the Werewolves)

if you’ve bought any Fun board/card games in the past and rarely play, Bring it down, let’s play & have fun together as well during this event! It’s time to revive it!

Sparks Chemistry Christian Dating Event details:

Event: WereWolf Party! 狼人杀

*May bring your own board/card/ self-invented games down as well

Venue: Bras Basah (exact place to be via sms/email)

Date: 18 Nov, Sunday

Time: 1 pm –  4 pm

Booking: 10 points

Cost: $14 -$25 (Payment to the restaurant directly)

What to Expect?
– Have fun with our ice breaker
– Get to know each other better while having lunch and through the interactive Werewolf games
– If you’ve bought your own board/card/self invented games (decent type), owner is required to explain your game to the group.

Please Read The Following Guidelines:

  1. Attendees must be open-minded, participating and stay throughout the whole session.
  2. Event is purely by volunteering and ministry serving. No cash payment fees and administrative charge required to organizer.
  3. Upon registration as a member, you will be credited 10 points.(Step 1)
  4. You may book or reserve any events of your preference.(Step 2)
  5. However, You need to confirm your booking using the point payment.(Step 3).
  6. Points will then reinstate back to your account once you have completed the session or present at event.(Step 4)
  7. Points will not be reinstate, if you do not turn up for the event at any last minute caused.
  8. Points will then reinstate back to your account if the event is cancelled by organizer.
  9. Swapping of events or in-person is not allowed.
  10. Organizer have the rights to reject/decline/cancel any individual booking.


Photo Gallery during our past Board games event



Bring your own Board games


Bookings are only available for our members. Please register to join.

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