1-1 Image Consultancy (for Male)

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Date(s) - 01/01/2019 - 31/12/2019
12:00 am


We are Christians and we are not suppose to judge book by it’s cover, nevertheless First impression still do count the most. Everything counts in a first impression. Research says “7 percent of a verbal message comes from the words used; 38 percent comes from the vocal tone, pacing, and inflection; and 55 percent of the message is transmitted by the speaker’s appearance and body”, that’s how much appearance and body language count. There is only 1 time chance to give first impression that counts, if you missed it, you wont be able to re-do it again for the same person.

If you planning to join our event, we want to boost your chance of success rate by providing you free 1-1 image consultancy to help you bring the best out of you from dressing, body language, the way to talk/approach, mindset to have, etc.

Our image consultant is a top notch where a lot of girls have been mesmerize by him, but he’s not a player, instead he’s a faithful christian who will dedicate his free time to help fellow christian.

Once you apply this Image consultant, we will contact you further to schedule meet up time and venue that is best for both of us.

*Strictly for male only. Female Image Consultant is coming soon.



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