Find Me a Date

Have guts to take on the 1-1 blind date?

The Guides of 1 – 1 blind date session

1st – Sign up as a Sparks Chemistry member
2nd – Filling up Q & A form
3rd – We help to filter profiles to find your best match
4th – 3 prospective candidates profile (without photo) to be sent to you
5th – Upon both (Ladies & Gent) mutual agreement and fond
6th – Set up face to face meet up session

Please take note
1. Attendees must be open-minded and participating with all the quizzes and stay throughout the whole session.
2. Event is purely by volunteering and ministry serving.
3. No cash payment fees and administrative charge required. Upon signing up as a member, you will be credited 10 points.
4. You may use points to join any event of your preference, it will be deducted upon your booking requests.
5. Points will then reinstate back to your account once you have completed the session or present at event.
6. Points will not be reinstate, if you do not turn up for the event at any last minute caused.
7. Points will reinstate back to you account if the event is cancelled by organizer or unable to find a match.