Friend zone to Boy Girl Relationship(BGR) zone?

How to get yourself into the girlfriend or boyfriend zone?

Falling in love for a friend ? but not ready to confess your feelings yet?

Here are some tips to help you get ready into the confession :

1.Take Initiative

The sad narrative in today’s culture is that too many men sit around and wait for life to happen, only a few rise up to take action and show initiative. God created men to do and accomplish things in life rather than being passive or complacent. If you are one of them, do step out of your comfort zone!

God has created man first than woman, so as to say that man should take initiative to start the pursuit which is something I agree with. During your courtship, if you do not reciprocate with her,  she could reflect that you are not serious to start a relationship with her yet. Again, as a man, it is always polite to initiate and take the first action e.g holding her hand (it will be weird if the lady grab your hand first). Put in effort if you want the relationship to enter into BGR phrase!

For woman, most tend to wait for the potential boyfriend to take the first move before she initiate herself. Even though, man should always be initiative but if the women kept this mind set and keep waiting without do anything, You could have miss a great opportunity to confess your love toward him. It also give him wrong idea that you are not really interested with him. Hence, do not let this mind set stumble in your love romance. Do anything that will show that you are interested in spending time with him.

2. Don’t Hesitate

If you realize that you are stuck in a situation of hesitating to confess, or always telling yourself that you have yet to meet the “perfect” partner. It is probably time to ponder about it and why you choose not to move on to another phase with the person you are fond of or am I yet to meet the destined one?

Hesitation often takes place when a person is in doubt or reluctant to come out of their current comfort zone. Both David and Rose is fond with each other but yet to move on to the BGR zone. The question is Why? At time, our mind will tell us “she/he is might not the person whom I’ve prayed for or good enough for me” but the heart says” I am concerned and do not wish other man/woman to get closer with him/her”. You are in the Mind vs Heart state where both places give you different answer. Indeed, at this point, you need to set a time for decision so that both parties could move on rather than hanging in nowhere. BGR is always the matters of heart, listen and get yourself ready and you will know the answer.

Be open about your personal life and allow him/her to discover and be charmed by who you are and not what he/she wants you to be.

3. Sending the correct signals

Often, we feel awkward when facing the person we have fallen in love with. Thus, at times, sending wrong signals towards him/her. Ask yourself whether are you sending the right signals to show you want to move on to the next phrase with him/her? If not, it is time to switch your signalling mode.

If your potential partner did not reach out to you after multiple times of text or calls, you can also identify through the signalling messages that she is not into you. Hence, you do not need to confess your feeling too soon. However, if she replied every texts or calls and never ignored, you can sense by the signalling that she is into you. Get ready to confess!

You may also notice that some of your friend is flirting around with people whom she/he is not interested with. But why does they flirting around if she not interested with them? Hey! they will get it wrong and think that you are interested with him. There are differences between being friendly and flirtatious which often people get it all mixed up. Check this article if you wondering are you just being too friendly or unintentionally flirting?

4. Identify your zone

There are few zones: Potential girl/boyfriend zone, friend’s zone, soulmate and Brother/sister’s zone. These is confusing because when you look at it, you have no idea when you have friend-zoning your friends. You may not notice about it but yes you did!

For friends who do not have any potential chance of love relationship – “Brother’s Zone” is a common decoding for ladies, and ” Sister’s zone ” decode for man. They are more than just friend or can say an ultimate buddy of opposite gender – God’s Brother / God’s Sister. They are someone that you trust and are comfortable with, you may even ask them to pretend as your girl/boyfriend but yet not falling in love at the end of the day. If they does not realize of your decoding, they will misunderstood your intention. Relationship zone which is worse than friend’s zone 

There are some behaviors which lead you into the friend’s zone forever and unable to enter into the girl/boyfriend potential zone. Do check out this article: Behaviors that put you in the friend’s zone forever 

Drop a few hints in the beginning and If you are sure that you are under his/her potential list. Congrats and plan any hang out places for both of you only. make it clear that you are looking forward to see each other. Let the progression goes forward. 

5. Be ready for the answer even it is not what you’ve expected

At times, It is difficult to figure out the romantic intention between you and him/her. Hence, you should observe the relationship and do not enter into misunderstanding or even ruining your friendship even she/he do not want to date you. Move on even you have been rejected. knowing that she/he is not the one for you, Better one are coming after you. Thus, don’t lose hope! For many stumble and affected them badly. Hinder them for the next relationship and end up afraid to confess.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will direct and guide you in your decision and handling. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight” Prov 3:5-6.

Essentially, getting into a romantic zone is about allowing each other to come closer into your personal space and experiences. So be adventurous about trying new things and new experience together, When you’ve created a connection between each other, the sparks will begin.  

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