What’s Stopping You to Discover Your Another Half?

There are more single people now, but most want to get married. So what is stopping them?

If you have the below concerns,it’s time for you to be aware:

  • Yet to meet that particular guy/woman who can reach my desire expectation.
  • Still clinching onto my “High” expectation to find the Right person, even though I am not young anymore.
  • No time to date, busy with work. More money than honey.
  • Unable to decide whether to date a women that is earning more than I do. My pride hurts.
  • Rather spend more time with my parent than to look for one. He/She will pop up somewhere at the right time.
  • Afraid of rejection and getting hurts, especially when my love didn’t reciprocate.
  • I am still too young to settle down. Read: Average age for men to stable down is in late 30s
  • I love my single-hood, without burdens and feel free.I am not going to increase my loads.
  • still not ready to mingle, I am too shy.

Sharing an article from Straits time’s interview on singles: more-singles-than-ever-looking-for-love

All of us only live once! Hence, let’s be positive-minded, happy and try the fullness of our lives. Never give up of trying but continue to trust in God.

Book to recommend: when-god-writes-yr-love-story-eric-ludy-singles

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