5 ways to maintain emotionally positive while I’m still single

The big “3” is a hit! 

When I was at 30, I’m at the stage in my life where my friends kept telling me and reassuring platitudes like “just be patient, you will find the “Right” person”, or “there are so many great things about being single, don’t be in rush” and, the most annoying of all, “ Why are you so choosy, just find anyone who is available!”

Here’s my status quo: Even I’m bothered by the Big “3”, I still do find a lot of happiness in pursuing my career, hobbies, spending time with my family & friends. And snagging a boyfriend isn’t a top priority. That being said, there are moments where I wish I had someone. Namely, when during special occasions like Chinese New Year – where relatives begin the “ritual” of concerns on my personal life – “Why are you still single, do you know that my daughter is getting married end of the year?” or “Bring your boyfriends/girlfriends over this Chinese new year and let us get to know him/her?”. At times, Valentine’s Day or long weekends, or when I’m all alone in my bed with my multiple stuffed animals.

So much of peer and social pressure around us these days and it is often hard to keep a positive mentality.

Always remember! Staying positive Is the key to attract the other half!

Accepting the fact that you’re in deep trouble and working towards a plausible solution rather than just sitting and crying over the fact that you’re in deep trouble. No one like to have a partner that is always emotional and talking things in a negative way. Likewise, When you have a good sound mind, your whole “Aura” change, That is why you always look radiance after holiday trip or deep good sleep. Indeed, your frame of mind is the strength and hope you maintain when in difficult situations.

There are some articles to share which I believe it could help you to obtain positive mentally, emotionally and overcome depression!

1. Regular exercise isn’t just good for your body, it improves your mental health too. 

We tend to have sedentary lifestyles these days, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the time to get moving and keep active. Yoga, mindfulness meditation, deep breathing, or progressive muscle relaxation can put the brakes on stress and bring your mind and body back into a state of balance. Read Full Article: Exercise promotes good mental health

2. Travel makes you a happier person.

If you have some spare cash to spend, it time for you to indulge in an oversea trip. Often, we are settled in our comfort zone (usually our monotonous routine of life), hence travelling help you to overcome situation as you are out of your normal routine. For me, I’ve learnt and gained with every trip that I have went. No matter is good or bad, the Big “3” is not Big “6”. we are still young to venture and to be adventurous. Good article to share: https://www.goabroad.com/articles/why-does-traveling-make-you-feel-like-your-best-self.

3. Get enough rest and sleep.

If you lead a busy life, cutting back on sleep may seem like a smart move. But when it comes to your mental health, getting enough sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. Skipping even a few hours here and there can take a toll on your mood, energy, mental sharpness, and ability to handle stress. And over the long-term, chronic sleep loss can wreak havoc on your health and outlook.

While adults should aim for seven to nine hours of quality sleep each night, it’s often unrealistic to expect sleep to come the moment you lay down and close your eyes. Your brain needs time to unwind at the end of the day. That means taking a break from the stimulation of screens—TV, phone, tablet, computer—in the two hours before bedtime, putting aside work, and postponing arguments, worrying, or brainstorming until the next day.

4. Spending time with someone who matter to you.

In the absence of true love does not mean that you don’t spend quality time to people who matter to you, whether they are your parents, grandparents, friends, colleagues or some elderly relatives, can support both your health and theirs, while also providing a sense of purpose. At times, it is good to open up with them since they are the one closes to you. Perhaps, their words of wisdom and sharing could give enlightenment in some ways about certain situation in your life. Read Article: Open up with your parent or someone close to you 

5. Replace complains with gratitude.

Gratitude has been clearly linked with improved well-being and mental health, as well as happiness. The best-researched method to increase feelings of gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal or write a daily gratitude list. Generally contemplating gratitude is also effective, but you need to get regular practice to experience long-term benefit. Find something to be grateful for, let it fill your heart, and bask in that feeling. Hence, take a moment to pray and give thanks to God on the goodness in your life. Enjoy the peaceful in life, beautiful sunrise, good education, advance technologies and more. Be content and stay positive, and beautiful as you go about your day. “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.Read Article: Gratefulness makes you happier person

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.” Col 3:15

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